The swim was successful. 

Providence Journal Reports on Swim

A video of the start of the swim.

Start of Swim Video

“The irony of spinal cord injury is this — in one second your life changes. Everything you know is gone and it take more than you know to start again.”

On September 8, Trent Theroux is going to swim from Point Judith to Block Island. As the crow flies, Block Island is 10 miles SSW of Point Judith, but the severe East-to-West current will require navigating several miles to the west to avoid missing the island.

The time sequence above shows the course and ocean currents 3 hours before high tide – when the swim begins – and 4 hours after high tide!

My goal is to raise $50,000.00 for RISE Above Paralysis. Together, we can make the difference for others!

A spinal injury changed my life. Help me change someone elses.